W/c 11th June

This week we finished our final tests of the year and I was absolutely amazed with the confidence and resilience my class showed. They all did me proud, but more importantly they did themselves proud.

We had our drama session where we had to create a living picture from the sea side. I saw some incredible crabs scuttling across the sand and some parasols blowing in the wind.

We have been learning about levers in D and T. We have designed a sliding picture that we will make next week.

Finally, we found out the importance of exercise on the body and what exercise feels like to the body. We designed our own HIIT session!

We look forward to the learning fun of next week.

First week back

We’ve had a lovely sunny start to our final half term. The children have had some tests to do and some performing. The children performed the owl and the pussycat with actions.

We have also started our drama sessions.

Josh also won our class competition for the antidiscrimation poster.

Wc 24th May

This week we have been focusing on length and the measurement of things all of the children can accurately measure using a ruler.

We have also been growing cress. We wanted to find out what a plant needed to grow. We put one in a cupboard, one in the fridge, one without water, one without air and a control one.

We have also taken place in the Premier Leagues anti racism drawing competition.

WC 17th May

Many highlights throughout the week. I have picked a few to present.

We had a fun afternoon to celebrate Eid where we learnt about mehndi, designed clothes for a special occasion and took our creations onto the playground.

Today all the children presented their ideas about plastic pollution and why it is bad.

Wc 10th May

They say there are no two weeks the same in school and this proved it! This week many of of children celebrated Eid and I hope they all had a happy enjoyable time. The children who came in on Friday spoke of amazing food, seeing family and new clothes.

This meant our week was a bit different Monday to Wednesday it was as normal as we can be in school life. We’re looking at the big book of the blue in English. This is an amazing non fiction book. Our class now know why crabs walk sideways and how they say hello. In Maths we started to look at capacity and which container holds the most liquid. It was a little wet, especially those in the splash zone! We found out most children’s water bottles hold 500ml (1/2 a litre) and we had a good discussion about why that size. The conclusion we reached was that it wasn’t to heavy for them to carry (obviously when their adult isn’t carrying it).

We had 2 PE afternoons. On Thursday we did indoor curling and on Friday we had sports coaches teaching us different games. By home time everyone, including the adults were exhausted, but with massive smiles.

Friday was also our pyjamarama day. Everyone came in pjs or loungewear, if pjs were not available. Josh had the great idea of a onesie, I wish I’d thought of that. The atmosphere around the class was nice and calm. We were able to learn how to take notes and write them up. This is something that can take a while, but 2jh were focused and tried their best.

We will be having a big push on handwriting over the next few weeks. Due to using a computer more than before some of our techniques need refreshing. Remember ascenders touch the top line (like the stick in a d) and descenders go below the line (like the stick in a p). Finally letters need to sit on the line and not act like a helium balloon you may get for your birthday.

I’m excited for next week. Who knows what it will bring.

WC 4th May

It was a shorter week this week with bank holiday sunshine taking over. Ok it rained, but I’m sure we had some smiles.

From Tuesday to Friday the children have been working on writing their version of the snail and the whale from the whales perspective. I have been incredibly impressed. The concerns for the poor snail was touching.

We’ve moved onto weighing items in Maths and using the terms and symbols.

Finally it was number day on Friday and our task was to produce 2D shapes.

23rd April

What a first week back! We have started our new text the snail and the whale. We are looking at a journey tale and the different places you could go to if you were able to. Our maths has been about shapes this week. We’ve been looking at the properties of 2D and 3D shapes.

Our star of the week is Harvey. He has come back to school on fire! He has been trying his best in every subject.

Maths this week

This week we have been looking at both place value and our times tables. We have worked practically using counters, dice and base 10. By the end of the week the children knew a few different dice games comparing who had the larger number and a trick for learning the 3 times table.