Maths this week

This week we have been looking at both place value and our times tables. We have worked practically using counters, dice and base 10. By the end of the week the children knew a few different dice games comparing who had the larger number and a trick for learning the 3 times table.

Wellbeing and Stars of the Week

We have had our wellbeing day this week. Look at what our children have produced!

My stars of the week this week are Maya and Charlie.

Maya attends all the live sessions and always seems to have something extra that she has done. Charlie has been completing his work to a high and delivering it into school.

Well Done

Final week before half term

Stars of the week:
Due to the enormous amount of effort everyone put in this week I found it incredibly difficult to choose just 2, so I picked 4. These children’s stories and effort in the other parts f home learning has been amazing. They are:
Mustafa, Eesa, Coby and Yusuf.

An additional award has been created after Mrs Parker and I had a discussion today about how proud we were of our children and the work that was produced. I know there are some who have had difficulties over this period and I appreciate all of the effort that has been put in .
Stars of the half term are:
Kumayl and Mako

Finally, a massive thank you to any adult/person who has supported your learning over this unsettled half term. I know the pressures that are out there and I wanted to say thank you for everything you have done. Some children have needed motivating to get onto the live sessions, motivating to help with the work that has been set and some children may have been a little moody at times (I know mine have) and we’ve got through this. So form Mrs Parker and I, thank you.

This week

What a busy week! We started off with our well being day in association with Children’s Mental Health Week. The creations the children made that day were superb. The work produced this week again has been really impressive. We are getting close to the end of our fraction work and Paddington this week.

Stars of the week are Ayaan and Ameerah

This week

Well done for all the effort this week. The work is increasing and the quality is blowing my socks off! My stars of the week this week are Haleema and Mariyah for their continued hard work throughout the week.

Special mention for Mako and his bridge work.